Family matters

Resolving parenting issues after breakdown of relationship

 How do you spend time with the children after breakdown of relationship?

As the relationship between parents falls apart, the questions as to responsibility of children and as to who gets to spend time with the children starts surfacing. Many times, arrangements regarding children start to fail because of the hostility between parents. It is a common misunderstanding that each parent is entitled to spend equal time with the child, regardless of their circumstances. However, in fact, the underlying objective is to maintain the best interests of the child. The main aim is to preserve relationship with both parents with significant and substantial time; this need not be equal time to each parent. Verve Legal will provide you appropriate advice based on your situation and what is in the best interests of your child/children. To avoid any unreasonable expenses and time involved in litigation, Verve will attempt to resolve the dispute regarding the children amicably.

What do parenting orders deal with?

The parenting orders deal with the long-term issues and other issues as well. The long-term issues concerning a child can include who the child lives with, the educational arrangement, religious instructions, and medical needs; while other issues include the child’s learning activities, each parent’s role and responsibility when the child is in his/her care, travel with the child and such arrangements. As stated above, the basic objective of the parenting order is to keep a meaningful relationship between the child/children and both the parents. 

Verve Legal can assist you to negotiate appropriate arrangement regarding the child/children, which are in their best interest



Thinking of Buying a Property?

Thinking of Buying a Property: Why do you need a Solicitor?
At VERVE LEGAL, we understand that the property transactions can be daunting. It can be exciting if everything is in order. However, the whole transaction can be a dismay if proper enquiries about the property are not done beforehand.
We appreciate your hard work behind the investment, and thus, to make your hard work count, we are committed to ensure that the experience is a smooth and memorable transaction for you.
Verve Legal aims to take out the hassle from property dealings, so that you can focus on the important part: enjoy living in it!
We offer a free consultation to our prospective clients, during which we will advise of any undesirable terms in contract so that you are happy about your decision to purchase the property. We can also advise about the changes that may need to be done in the contract, so that you are assured about the purchase. We will also guide you about the general process of conveyancing.
Our aim is to ensure that our client get to enjoy the property they purchased, without any unforeseen expenses on maintenance, or nasty surprises about the property after settlement.
In New South Wales, First Home Buyers may be eligible for an exemption on transfer duty, and First Home Owner’s Grant, depending on the value of the property. For those entering the market or buying their first home, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
We are committed to provide efficient legal services and can help you in your purchase of property.
For a hassle-free property transaction and peace of mind, contact us today! 

Buying a property?

Buying a property?